Monday, May 2, 2011


Most people think that all 24/7 relationships are high protocol and that whips and chains abound. The sad reality is that some days look almost depressingly normal. Today, which is ironically the Labour Day holiday, was one of those days. We spent the day in geeky nirvana catching up on TV series watching. Of course things are done with a slightly warped looking glass logic.

He asks what do you want to watch and one replies with a definitive preference. He considers it for about a nanosecond and says we will do it alphabetically. Which is why we ended up watching "Being Human" instead of "Sons of Anarchy". Honestly the whole consultive process is so He can get insight into how to screw with one's preferences.

So we settled in with misgivings... no offense guys, but generally when there is an American remake of something you just sit there going WTF! Why did they do that? Well it is often more what were they thinking? Anyway one digresses... back to "Being Human".

While it doesn't have the charm of the original, and they have upped the aggression levels, and changed the characters names, and insisted that they are a different show based on the original (at least they have stopped doing things scene by scene when they remake), and inserted about 18 more episodes because the British have a sensible approach of six episodes per season rather than 20 something, it's not too bad. It kept us involved enough that He only threatened one with anal sex a couple of times during the 12 odd hours we were watching. Usually what happens is that laying next to him results in being reamed at regular intervals... mostly when there is something engrossing to one small slave.

In fact the most active we got was consuming takeaways. Though in fairness to our lazy arses we did actually get in the car to pick up rather than have delivered... OK they don't deliver, but the thought of exercise was there. Which is probably why the hip started to protest about midnight by producing excruciating pain every time one tried to hobble out for drinks. Oh yeah baby winter cometh L


Dina said...

Instead of wasting time on that horrible crap (I can't beLIEve you'd think it "not bad", after seeing the original)--you should've caught up on three episodes of Game of Thrones.

Dina said...

One of those days, I will fucking learn how to insert links here. For now, however--here:

Master's piece said...

Well it's not bad... and they have taken it in some interesting directions. As for the Game well we will be there in about 5 series. Be happy... G comes waaay before S, so we will get there this year :D

Dina said...

It's horrible. Period. They barely changed ANNNYthing and fucked up the concept of it all in the process--by dumbing it down. And don't even get me started on "Sally". She's an insult to Annie. Whomever does SyFy's casting, should be hanged. About the only character I've actually mildly enjoyed there was Herrik's counterpart, Bishop, and it's only mostly because of the actor.

MsSparkles said...

There is a US remake of Being Human?????

Master's piece said...

Oh yeah there is nothing sacred... especially in TV land :(