Saturday, May 21, 2011

More strangeness

Travelling by bus you see the strangest things. Things that would normally pass you by. The latest bit of stupidity seems to be equipping your vehicle with testicles... bless the Americans 'cos we can guess where this came from... more specifically blue ones.

Leaving one to ponder is this some strange acknowledgement of the fact that the vehicle is going to remain chaste or are you trying to indicate the state of your sex life to other motorists. You know... just in case. Perhaps as some have asserted, vehicles are indeed a penis extension and you like to emphasise this image.

Which of course makes one wonder why none of this sexual imagery, not to mention implied homo eroticism, occurred to you as you were squirming around beneath your vehicle attaching the damn things.

1 comment:

Mockingbird said...

Yeah I'll admit on behalf of the Americans, those stupid truck testicles probably originated here. If you're really 'cool' you get chrome ones instead of blue ones.