Sunday, May 1, 2011

Being retired

This area has a lot of retirees. Of course it does; it's right on a stretch of lovely beaches and cafes, with an easy commute to shopping centres. It offers a laid back lifestyle, sunshine for aching bones and endless views. In recognition of these natural and not so natural advantages one of the largest growth industries, other than luxury appartments, is retirement villages. The most recent of these is "The Village".

Now while many of you are too young to remember the show "The Prisoner", some of you probably do. It was one of those fabulous British spy shows from the 60's featuring iconic clothes, music and sports cars. The show itself was slightly incomprehensible, with inscrutable plot lines and imagery that always left you feeling as though you either didn't take enough drugs or perhaps had... it was an each way bet sometimes.

The story revolved around a spy known to us as Number 6, and his struggles against being decommissioned and debriefed, after his bosses decided to make his resignation more permanent. Each week you watched his endeavours to return to London and his life, and more importantly from his bosses point of view, his attempts to take them down.

Now the questions for the day are...
Was the designer of the complex that bloody young that they don't remember the show or are they planning on issuing each new arrival with blazers and a number, and filling them with psychotropic drugs? 'Cos if so, is there a way you can put a deposit down now with an eye to the future?


Dina said...

A general geek note of the day:

AMC remade "The Prisoner" and released it last year, so there is no excuse of being "too young to remember". ;)

Master's piece said...

Wash your mouth out woman :(

Dina said...

I know, I know--it was crap, but my point is that you needn't be "old enough to remember". ;)