Monday, May 9, 2011

One perfect day

Sitting at the main computer, luxuriating in morning mouse and catching up with what have you on Fet, while nursing the traces of the sinus headache that is ever present at this time of the year, there was a strange sense of tranquility. He was in the other room watching food porn and all was right with the world. It ended abruptly when He appeared in the doorway like an apparition. That's it, get dressed, I have the very definition of cabin fever and we are going out.

Peering at Him in a mixture of distress and disbelief one prevaricated with firstly one doesn't get paid until tonight and was utterly flat broke, and secondly one has a mad yen for sushi. Good so do I... I'll pay and you can do the next two meals. And with that He literally ran in the direction of the shower, leaving one looking mournfully at the now cold dregs of morning mouse and wondering if breakfast was going to be an option. It wasn't... it seems that sushi is quite suitable for the first meal of the day. Well for one of us... He'd had breakfast while watching the food porn.

So meandering around in a fog one tried to find something to wear that at least gave the appearance of trying... couldn't find the favourite lip liner... how do these things disappear... and generally pottered around dazed and confused. In between all of this the mask arrived... beautifully wrapped and lovely to behold... the cat wanted to be fed... it turned out the jeans one wanted to wear were in the wash... and the lip liner remains a complete mystery. It was sad to behold really L

Slipping into a car park one was hustled upstairs to the sushi where we watched dainty morsels of food trundle past on a train. Sitting there surrounded by all things Japanese, the slow steady pace of the train soothed away the sense of rush... well that or the woefully inadequate supply of caffeine kicked in. Either way by the end of the meal one was emotionally prepared to do some window shopping and fortified we meandered off, arms wrapped around each other.

We perused linen shops and book stores. He literally pushed one into a sound shop, despite a valiant attempt to make a break for it and head to Crocs. And one was made to stand there quietly while He looked for and then paid for Blu-Rays, before being allowed to scamper quickly into Crocs for a nose around all things bizarre in shoes... really wedge heeled crocs are just strange as an idea let's be honest.

Mooching around we looked at underwear and silly frilled things, some of which made it into the bag. He bought a wonderful umbrella (not that one will ever be allowed to take it out... given the unfortunate track record with loosing the things (it started with a bright yellow frilled one with a silver handle at the tender age of about 6 and has compounded ever since) it was a miracle it made it to the car. We bought a range of stockings to try as a last attempt before resorting to online suppliers, some rather interesting coloured pegs that could be a lot of fun... just not the way they were intended, and finally ended up at the French patisserie for decent coffee and a cherry almondine... five hours later.

It was a lovely day... it was nice to get out of the house and do something together. It was bliss to just spend time with each other, while we were both awake at the same time. It is days like this that make our crazy hours seem worthwhile. Mostly it was just wonderful to be with Him.

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xantu said...

I totally get that foggy, dazed state when the agenda is suddenly changed and I am expected to pop right up and "get ready" for something. It takes me a good hour to get my brain and energy reoriented.

Sounds like a good time. Wish my Master likes Sushi and shopping... our impulse trips always tend to involve electronics or hardware stores... and I am not allowed to wander. Le Sigh.