Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner and a movie

We finally got to see Thor and they didn't do too bad a job of it. Seriously the potential pitfalls were many and they did manage to sidestep most of them... and let's be honest Chris Hemsworth is kinda hot. If nothing else you could sit back and admire... yes that is a good word... all that hard work.

After that we toddled off for dinner where He plied one with way too much wine. Now alcohol has a strange effect on the body and none of it predictable which is one of the reasons why one doesn't drink much at all these days. Sometimes it will make one tipsy, sometimes there is an instant hangover, sometimes it leaves the head a clear as a bell and sometimes it just makes one feel detached. It settled on the latter... well that and peeing like a race horse all night.

Ever the opportunist He hustled one home, after one extra glass, and one was popped back on the table with the bowl so He could enjoy the view. See... told you one would be practising that pose again. This time the body was far more obliging. As one squatted there, pink lips spread open, a steady stream of pale urine gushed forth, splattering the edge of the bowl and the surrounding area. Hopping off the table one noted that pet mats are your friend, that or better aim.

Off you go to the shower He said in that solicitous tone. I'll clean up... which should have been a warning really. In the bathroom, while tucking hair into a shower cap, one reached out to turn on the tap. No need for that He cooed one step behind. Just hop in there and kneel down. As one complied He produced the bowl and poured the contents over one's kneeling form, so that is slid and dripped across breasts and in between thighs. Then He ordered one to masturbate while He splattered hot cum all over one as well.

Later He asked how was that? Well pee feels better when it is warm. And pet mats really are your friend. And one will probably never use the coffee table again... so it will always be clear. See it is all about reshaping your reality...


Claire said...


Good excuse for a new coffee table?

Master's piece said...

That could get a tad expensive :(