Friday, May 6, 2011

A bride thing?

A customer came in looking for the perfect shade of nail polish. Not a word of a lie, she had spent nearly $60 on nail polish in the hunt for that shade. Now what was the object of her lust you may be wondering? A shade of nude that would blend in and make her nails disappear.

That's right disappear. Now she had beautiful nails so why she wanted them visually gone was fascinating. And being nosy one just had to ask why she was after that effect. It turned out she didn't want anything to distract from her bling on "The Day". Even she had the grace to look a little embarrassed when she said that, and hastily went on to explain, somewhat defensively, that brides tend to get a little obsessive before the day.

Smiling reassuringly, one said that that there were so many things that had the potential to go wrong on the day, that people were probably more inclined to focus on the things that they could control. Smiling in relief, mainly because one didn't think she belonged in the crazy corner, she agreed that was probably right. She said I have waited for that man for 15 years and I want the day to be perfect.

Which left one to ponder a few questions that one couldn't ask her...
Fifteen years... what the hell happened?
Had she been the other woman and he had a dying wife?
Was he particularly slippery on the commitment stakes?
Did one of their incredibly rich relatives disapprove of them, and they had to wait so as to not be disinherited?

Suddenly the bride to be was six shades of more interesting.

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