Monday, August 22, 2011

A beginner's guide to butt plugs

It occurred, as one was reading back through the anal guides, that there are a few of you who are starting out and in some cases very anal shy, in which case this blog is probably just not very useful to you. But there was a time one was just like you... and look at how that ended. Now that may not be your ambition, but there are some tricks that can make anal a lot easier and one thought it would be good to share some of those personal experiences with you.

The plug:
Ideally it should be flexible and soft.
Chose a silicone based jelly (sil-a-gel) for your first anal toy because it is very flexible or silicone if there is likely to be any allergy issues.
Select one about the size of your finger for starters.
If you can get a graduated set so much the better, but if not then keep an eye out for a next size up... don't get too keen J

The lube:
Get something very thick and viscous. A lot of guys use Crisco as lube and it works well by all accounts.
Generally with silicone plugs you can't use silicone lube, which is a shame as it is an ideal texture. The reason for that incompatibility is that silicone is made from sand, and even though you can't feel it there is a school of thought that says it is like two objects wearing against each other and over time it will degrade the toy.  Now having said all of that the very high grade silicone toys state you can use that type of lube with them so if in doubt check the packaging.

The position:
Oddly enough one of the best starting positions (even for anal sex) is on your side. It is comfortable and you can still reach.
Conversely on your back is one of the most difficult and something to work up to.
The trick is to find one that works for you because ideally when doing this, being able to masturbate will help relax the sphincter.

Starting out:
Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable; you could be doing this for a while.
Generally it is easier to insert a plug when you are aroused... everything relaxes.
Apply a generous amount of lube to your finger... If you are squeamish you will find finger gloves at your pharmacy. They look like little condoms and are used for a variety of purposes including inserting suppositories... and insert the lube just inside the anus by gently pushing it in.
When you are comfortable with this sensation lube up the toy and gently insert it. Take your time. Once you have got the tip in hold it firmly in place. You will feel the anal sphincter muscles contracting and if you apply pressure they will actually draw the toy in.
This process may take a few goes and if it does don't despair or get upset. Everybody is different and while some are very relaxed and elastic, there are those who are just tight. Often they are the ones who have the most difficulty and have had bad experiences which make them very reluctant to do it... ever again.

What now:
Once you have got the toy in just leave it there.
Stand up walk around a bit and get used to it.
If there is any pain remove it.
They can be left in for extended periods providing it is securely in place... and if you are a relaxed person the beginners size may creep in as you sleep so something to think about.
Should your plug disappear in that manner it can be removed by sitting on a toilet and gently bearing down... just relax and don't panic.
When you are ready you can remove it by gently pulling on it, generally it is easier if you masturbate as you do this.
Wash the toy as per the manufacturer's instructions and store it until next time.
Practise until the process is easy and then try the next size up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Pixel said...

Eeep. Your tips are mostly good, but a jelly toy for anal is bad! It's a porous material, and there is no way to completely sterilize it. So, having that in your ass is not the best idea.

Also, Crisco as lube? There's no need for that, especially when silicone lube or even KY jelly is so cheap.

Master's piece said...

Jelly toys are not good for long term wear, but if you have someone who is very tight then they are often the only thing you can get in there the first few times. If porosity is an issue you can always use a condom on them.

Crisco is excellent as a lube, cheap and readily available and unlike water based lubes such as KY, it doesn't wear off after a few minutes. As for the silicone one would agree except for the issues mentioned.