Saturday, January 22, 2011

On orgies and voyeurs

Orgies are those things that people read about, have ideas about, views on and dream of. The thing is the reality is never quite the way anyone imagines them. The very first orgy one ever went to, at about 17ish, is a case in point. In case you are wondering how one ended up in so much strife and mischief it was simple... one didn’t look like jailbait. Actually one did, but one didn’t act like it and that is the secret of doing anything you shouldn’t be doing.

A friend dropped by to see what one was doing that night and if one would like to go to an orgy... he needed to bring a partner to get in, so off we toddled. He was a part owner of a rather unusual massage place. It was an academy that taught massage as well as being a front for a parlour. All the girls actually had to be able to massage, (parlours were but a thin cover for brothels so this was a rather quirky thing) as they got the odd punter who just wanted a massage.

The place also had another secret. There were internal corridors that ran throughout the place and alongside all the rooms. And all the mirrors in the rooms were two way mirrors... See many of the customers were voyeurs and the punters, and often the girls, were the unwitting performers. Concepts such as informed consent were a completely foreign idea then.

On arriving there was a room full of people with drinks, all looking at each other. Now, one had never been to an orgy, but this was not quite how one imagined it was done. So having no qualms or concepts of etiquette, one stripped off and plopped down next to a man and proceeded to chat him up. Poor bastard didn’t stand a chance...

We ended up drifting off to one of the rooms to have the kind of sex your parents probably warned you about. The good kind, with a complete stranger whose name you don’t know and don’t think to ask. Well we were until this woman, who was quivering with rage, came storming in and slapped him fair in the kisser. It turned out she was his wife and they had a communication issue... no idea what; one went to find less encumbered game.

The next one was a house warming party at the love of one’s life (17ish remember?). He was a great guy of about 30 something and we had a fun time together. When one found out that he had never had a party there, it seemed like a perfect excuse. The theme was pimps and prostitutes and everyone was having a great time. There were bodies everywhere and so many sprawled on his bed that it was a little hard to keep track of things... well one of us wasn’t trying.

He was getting a blow job he was really enjoying, until he looked down and realised it was Dave doing it. He freaked, an attitude one doesn’t understand to this day. If it felt good what the fuck was the problem? Honestly the man was a complete downer at an orgy.

See now these two incidents did teach one some valuable lessons about people. Firstly they do react in strange ways and secondly most of them have way too many hang-ups. Mind you at the time one enjoyed sex with strangers way too much and could probably have used a few of them...
Looking back one is staggered that one remembers Dave’s name... though one has no idea who he was... or who he was with.

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