Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aesthetically pleasing lines

As He bent one over the kitchen bench the mind idly noticed that the bench, although the perfect height for anal sex, has a sharp edge that hits you just on the hip bone. Mind you as He slid up to his balls it did take one's mind off the edge. Really the body can only concentrate on one pain at a time... obviously the arse managed to gazump the hip for once. Though for a few moments there they did vie for supremacy.

Let's try this the other way... hop up on the bench and lie back. It was then that the bench bit... hard... on the lower back. As one scrambled back onto the bench He reached out to grab the nipples and one was left see-sawing on the edge. Too far one way and the nipples got hurt... too far the other way and the back got hurt. Finally He came with a satisfied grunt and withdrew.

In the shower one cursed the aesthetic decision we made to have square edges on the bench top. They suited the room and were a hell of a lot cheaper. To be honest though, a rolled edge would have been a hell of lot kinder to one's body. Hindsight is 20/ 20 L

Later in bed as we squeezed in a couple of extra orgasms... one each... before work He says, I like fucking you in the arse when you are on your back. My hands are free and I can reach more. I have better access to your nipples. The poor little things just cringed at that pronouncement... they have been on the frontline of late.

That makes one of us with better access for the record. In that position it is hard to reach anything important... clitoris or orgasm. Unless one is going to be fucked on the kitchen bench on a regular basis in which case we need to consider remodelling. Suddenly the future became clear; anal in the missionary position. Fewer orgasms for one of us, and two inches away from vanilla sex... literally.  

Njoy Eleven
I'll let you come, He smiled reassuringly. When I've finished we can put one of those large toys in and you can masturbate for me. We can see how your begging is coming along. Knew He enjoyed that too much the other day. This is not going to end well for one small slave L

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