Thursday, August 11, 2011

The new party trick

The human body is a complex thing... and things don't always go the way they should. Take pain for example. At the moment due to the foot there are continual low levels of it. The body processed it as erotic... which was rather unexpected though not new.

Unfortunately when you add something new to the mix it has to find another way to let you know it is not happy. So rather than pain because that would be normal, and a little hard to do 'cos that is being registered on low grade level, it has taken to using nausea to signal its dissent. Overdo it... nausea. Knock the ankle... nausea. Rough anal sex... nausea.

That last one is not so good. A fact one discovered as He was thrusting into the aforementioned orifice. Every time He slammed into the arse a rolling wave of nausea would hit. So one did the instinctual thing of trying to get away from the source and He reached out to grab the collar and hold one in place. It was one of the very few times one actually wished He would just cum... sooner.

Now some of you may be wondering why one didn't just pipe up and say something. Well apart from the fact one was face down in a pillow which muffles things... it was so freakishly new one had to take time to work out what was going on. Slam... nausea... hmm that can't be right... slam... nausea... no it definitely seems to be linked. Huh! Well that's just wrong.

Then when the connection was made it was a case of just stay as quiet as possible... mainly because one really didn't want to throw up all over the pillow and opening the mouth at that point probably would have resulted in just that. To say it was the strangest sexual experience would be an understatement. It was also the first time anal sex was less than stellar... which just sucks.

It did give one an interesting insight into why you can lose your voice during a beating. The mind gets caught up in processing each blow individually. It gets stuck in logic loops and eventually the pain just takes over in such a vast way that the capacity for speech (in the formal sense of the word) is gone. Leaving you with only the ability to whimper into a pillow... which isn't much good as a form of communication. 


Histoy said...

Oh the mind game.. focusing on 2 things at the same time, well... doesn't work so well for me!

I try to put my mind into the one thing that is the most arousing, and block out the one that is so uncomfortable... Doesn't always work but...

little monkey said...

I understand about the pain...I was the nutcase masturbating in the surgery recovery room after my partial hysterectomy.
During a beating my mind gets stuck in loops and I lost my words, but in good conscience I can't call them logic loops, Lol.
Personally, I think a whimper is a fine form of communication, and I bet L&L does too,