Monday, June 20, 2011

A day in the life

Snapshots from the edge...

Today started simply enough... we stumbled out of bed and remembered we had to go phone shopping, thanks to Microsoft deciding to no longer support our phones... thanks guys. Of course He wanted to go to the other side of town to where he had found a stockist of Irn-Bru. His logic was that anything that outsells Coke is worth a try... even if this event only occurs in Scotland. Really we are going to have to stop Him watching those bloody cooking shows... it would be a kindness... did you see the ingredients list?

Then we remembered we need lube so we needed a sex shop... Looking at that rather eclectic list we decided to go on a road trip down the coast (which is a bit of a misnomer because the last we saw of the sea was when we pulled out of our driveway and trundled off) and by the time we had made these decisions it was obvious we were going to need lunch in there as well. So off we set in high spirits for our day out...

First we made a small detour to go to Sunnybank, an area with an enormous Asian population... mainly due to the fortuitous name. We were in search of Shangri-La... no, not the mysterious and fabled village, but the restaurant that specialises in Yum cha. We are great lovers of that wonderful dining style... what's not to like. People come around with heaped trolleys and tempt you with succulent little morsels of steamed and fried food. All you have to do is point and nod... and drink tea.

We found it tucked away in an innocuous looking building... actually it probably would have been easier to find the fabled village. Pushing open discrete heavy doors the nose began to twitch... and the nose never lies. Honestly it was the best Yum cha we have had in years... fresh, loads of variety, even things we had never even seen before. And one must confess we made little pigs of ourselves... all the while vowing to come back.

Next we headed off to Logan City Shopping Centre... bemoaning the lack of a place to have a small snooze in as we went. We arrived via the food court... or piazza, as they like to describe it. Not sure that a couple of fountains, some plants in pots and some Astro Turf really warrant such a grand title but... While there we did some phone shopping, decided to wait a month until the object of our lust becomes available and wandered off on the next leg of our journey.

Pic courtesy of the net
Syd's Pie Factory was the next stop where we tried the infamous Irn-Bru... which it is claimed can cure a hangover. With that amount of food colouring, caffeine and sugar it is no bloody wonder. The stuff is a chemical cocktail that would probably give speed a run for its money. To be honest though it does taste very good... sort of like creaming soda with a faint ginger ale finish. Oh and best of all, in amongst the Scotch Eggs and Haggis, one found a box of sherbet dabs. Suitably stocked we meandered along... one of us industriously chasing sherbet with a liquorish stick... which is far superior to toffee for the record and far more of a challenge.

The last stop was us finding that The Den trades under a different name that far from home. And rather than being the kinky gay man's Mecca, it is full of all things pink and fluffy. Standing there one ventured to ask Him why do they make all this stuff pink? It's for girls was His reply. He's wrong one suspects... see what one thinks happens is that most sex toys are bought by men for the women in their life. The pink is to clearly signal to those men that it is for girls... it bypasses the annoying thing of having to read the instructions. Oh it's pink... obviously for her... and she likes pink... she's a girl. Nods it is the only logical explanation...

Now as for what followed us as we sped back home... well that is a tale for another time J

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