Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hard limit

When we first got together He presented one with a BDSM checklist to mark off what one was interested in and well frankly... had no desire to ever try. Of course we mainly started with the latter (unless He had no desire to try it) because how would one know if one didn't want to do them, if one didn't actually try some of them? Besides He knew the things one liked. And that people is the kind of logic one deals with... daily L

Over the years the odd thing has been added to that list... one of them is Him coming in one's arse before one scampers off to the gym. The reasons are fairly self explanatory... we are going to pretend they are OK? Now today was a strange day, bisected by a late hairdressing appointment that meant one had to go to the gym early rather than when He goes to bed. It was also a hot day and all the scampering round trying to fit everything in led one to the shower.

Needless to say He got one in there...
You know there was a time where one considered the shower a refuge. It was where one went to think, cry, be bad tempered and generally unwind. Now one thinks of it as a second bedroom. There is as much sex going on in there, especially during summer when it is so hot, as there is in any other room.
As usual one found oneself mashed up against the cool tiles as He forced his way into his favourite hole.

Afterwards one spent some quality time with an assortment of bus time tables, trying to find the best way to squeeze in the gym and still get another shower in before going to the hairdressers. Whichever way it was done it was going to be a tight fit. In the end one selected the way that gave us more time together...
This is where He came along and grabbed one's hand, carting one off to the bedroom with a cheerful I thought you might like to cum.
That was how one ended up with a screaming orgasm and an arse full of cum... right before going to the gym. Dammit there is a reason one tries to avoid that. It's not meant to be some sort of hurdle for Him to barge through... where's that red flag when you need it?


Owl said...

Ohhhhhhhh--- I HATE it when he comes in my ass right before I need to go somewhere. I take the bus to school and it takes an hour plus to get there, and I BEG him not to fuck my ass in the mornings.

So, how was the gym?! :D

Master's piece said...

About as good as your bus ride... only with a bathroom :P

Owl said...

Guh.... he asked me once why it was so goddamn important that he didn't come in my ass right before I left the house, so I started trying to explain it, and almost immediately, he said "stop. no more. I don't care, I don't want to know."


Master's piece said...

LOL He looked interested for the whole explanation and then went right ahead and did it anyway ~sighs~