Monday, April 2, 2012

Early one morning...

It was very early in the morning... about 2am... when one crawled to bed for the second or third time. That corking fever etcetera last week turned into the worst sinus in the world. A week and a pharmacopoeia of drugs later we seem to have found a winner... except for when He has the fan on. Then the bloody nose just blocks up turning one small slave into that attractive creature known as a mouth breather... and then the post nasal drip causes a choking sensation just as one starts to drift off L

Anyway as one slid once more into bed He surfaced long enough to ask are you OK?
Yes, just going to turn the fan off though
He reached out and grabbed one around the waist heaving one across the bed to collide with his naked form. Pulling one against His shoulder his hand reached down to torture a nipple while his free hand pushed the Njoy further into one's arse. Pull, push, pull, push... the man has an uncanny natural rhythm at times. Shifting slightly He threw one long leg over and forced one's thighs apart, imprisoning the right leg and leaving one open and exposed. The free hand roamed from the plug to the clitoris and He started to stroke in slow circular movements as one lay there trapped.

Groaning one tried to escape. His body clamped hold tighter and he growled where are you going?
Well away... that was obvious surely... one has been down this road before. You see He does this stuff in his sleep and just as it starts to feel good, he rolls over taking all the covers with him. Leaving one naked, panting, aroused and rapidly cooling... it is not a happy ending at all L
Why, are you awake enough to do this, one enquired tartly
Let's find out
And with that He started to do very mean things to that nipple...
Oww, Master that hurts...
Breathe through the pain was the reply
Umm... that really freaking hurts
It won't stop you coming though will it?

Well no, it didn't... but it still hurt

In fact it was still aching when one climbed onto His hard on to show gratitude for the orgasm. It was still throbbing as we rode to another orgasm... well for one of us. The damn thing was twinging as one rolled off to find a window of opportunity and slipped through it to sleep... for a whole four odd hours.

Unfortunately His window slammed shut leaving him wide awake at 3am... which is when he gave up and got up.
Our bed is like a revolving door... and not in the good way L


Vixen B-Ab said...

At least you got some, which is better than this one is doing right now :(

Master's piece said...

Oh no sex sucks... and not in a good way :(