Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Monday

Today was that most special of days... sales. So needing some new bedding off we scampered for Yum Cha followed by shopping. He is one of those strange creatures quite happy to go shopping... even for bed linen. He happily mooches around touching things and looking in all the corners.

We spent a happy couple of hours meandering amongst sheets and covers and cushions... there were some fabulous cushions. None of them practical... which one prefers... what is the point of a cushion you can't shove somewhere to provide support for something... like a head for a nap... but wonderful textures and colours and designs nevertheless.

He found a great storage box in the children's section... red with white stars on top... he is such a Captain America fan boy... that had to follow us home. Meanwhile one scampered around the children's section... why do they get all the fun stuff? There were these fabulous stuffed owls and apples that were lamps. It seems so unfair...

And of course there was the main reason why we were there. Practical things like mattress protectors and a new doona for Him. Of course what also followed us were some fabulous lime green sheets and a great lime green and purple doona cover. Oh and a hot fuchsia sheet and a couple of bright triangle pillow covers for one small slave. We have separate bedding... He doesn't share.

As we were paying for this massive pile... bedding takes up a huge amount of space and isn't light en masse... He turned and gave one the car keys saying take this to the car. Out of the corner of one's eye... excellent peripheral vision... one could see all these women's heads swivel round. There was this collective swing in His direction... as he was given that stare of disapproval. A thing, might one add, that was completely wasted as He didn't notice. Sighs it is strange how a generation of women brought up with slogans like "women can do anything" still have all these other expectations running along in there... it must make life difficult.

So scampering home with our bounty we did practical things like rotating the mattress... no easy feat as it is latex and weighs about 80kg... needless to say it isn't  a job we tackle too often. Then we loaded it up with all the lovely bright... we love high thread count, but will trade down a little for strong colours... we will never be beige people... bedding. It clashes divinely with the red walls.

In fact it looked so inviting one was forced to road test it with a nap... a process that took a little longer than anticipated. In fact He came in to wake one up otherwise sleeping tonight would be impossible. It seemed He was a little miffed... that tendency to nap across the bed leaves no room at the inn so to speak. Bad slave.... looks contrite... well tries to at any rate.

In fact no sooner had one small slave been evacuated from the bed than He stepped in. And that was how He was found. Rolled up in His new doona... sound asleep at 7pm.
Leaving one wide awake...
And nothing on TV

Mind you He did wake up a few hours later which left one covered in cum.
Leaving one to shower at 1am 'cos there was no way one was going to sleep in all that pristine linen covered in cum

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