Thursday, April 12, 2012

Report card

Well He said, sitting on the couch smirking, am I going to get a better report written about me today?
Looking at Him with a raised eyebrow one retorted your prowess didn't get critiqued yesterday. It was one small slave's arse that did... and frankly it got a barely satisfactory. Remember you could barely get in?
Oh I could have got in. You just wouldn't have been able to do anything else for a few days if I had, He replied blithely.
Well did it feel more accommodating this morning?
It felt exactly the same. The only difference was that you weren't complaining, He replied.

So was that a pass or a fail? It's a little hard to tell with that kind of feedback L


little monkey said...

what ever it was, a pass or a fail (I can't tell either), it reeked of smug. What a guy.

Conina said...

I.. yeah, inscrutable. I got nothing.

Master's piece said...

LOL See... and He wonders why one doesn't improve :D