Monday, April 16, 2012

Head space

In a blog post Kitty asked if calling your Other a name got you in the mindset. Now at the time of replying to her one was pre-mouse. We are not talking about a rational mind. Then it started to get a little long so one decided to reply here instead.

Round here name calling is a little complicated. Calling him Master doesn't make one feel more submissive. Now that may be in part that we have done this for a while and like all magic it wears off. It may be that because we do this as a 24/7 thing that there aren't roles that we slip into... we simply are who we are. Of course it may even be that as one is hardly submissive on a good day, that one simply misses out on all the gooey, gushy stuff that one reads about.

Now having said all of that it would be fair to say that calling him Master is probably more a sign that one has acceded to his authority. It can also occur after He has done some nasty little act that has screwed one to the bed... literally and/ or figuratively. It's a bit like crying uncle J The only other time one calls Him that is when feeling particularly soft and non-combative... OK usually after sex... but one is digressing from this...

It doesn't change the fact that He likes to be called Master. It does give Him a bit of a thrill. Now that may be a manifestation of the fact He watched too many episodes of "I Dream of Jeannie" as a child. According to Him though, he believes that the use of language reinforces the roles. Rather like the way the British tried to remove native languages when they colonised a place by making English the dominant language. It wasn't just that they were too lazy to learn the language (though it was probably in there as well).
Mind you it is worth noting that He also likes signs and symbols... which is why one is stuck in that infernal collar L


Vixen B-Ab said...

*points and laughs*

Actually M wishes I would wear mine more, but it's sort of a rebellion against the inevitable..

Master's piece said...

@vixen It's not rebellion... it's denial :P

Aeon's Angel said...

We tried Master and Sir, but because we are 24/7 it just didn't fir our lives. I do Sir when we text and Master in heat of the moments, but mostly its pet names.

The one thing that puts me in the mind set is the nightly collaring. To fall asleep with it on and wake up with it on helps me to focus on day.

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Thank you for the further explanation - I really did want to know more about this and I find both the I Dream of Jeannie reference and the British colonizing reference helpful.

Oh, I know the first one was meant to be funny and it did make me LOL, but I had a therapist once who would always ask how old someone was when I talked about them, and then she would proceed to characterize their behavior in terms of "their" decade. I actually thought that was a good approach.

Okay, this is a novel - but I wear an ear cuff all day in lieu of a collar and he seems satisfied with that instead of the terms, but I can tell he likes Sir also. I think since it is so hard for me to say it, then it is a limit of some sorts. The question is - Is it a limit worth pushing?