Friday, April 13, 2012


The topic of safewords came up as we lay in bed... the strangest of things do sometimes. See one small slave doesn't have a safeword... well that's not quite true. There is one, but He won't say what it is... which kinda makes using it a little complicated. Anyway we were lying there bemoaning the lack of a safeword... well one of us was at any rate... and He turned around and said you don't need one.
Why not?
Well you wouldn't use it responsibly He explained in a patient, slightly bored tone of voice.
Rolling over to peer at Him one said how can you say that?
He said I just know it... you would use it.
Well of course one is going to use it. That is the point of it. Besides if one didn't try it out how would one know it was going to work?
Exactly and I would be in the middle of doing something that I was really enjoying and then you would use it because you weren't enjoying it.

You know much though one hates to admit it He does have a point... there is a certain logic to His explanation L


Butterfly Flip said...

I do so love your blog! The frankness, the's fabulous :)

B x

Ms D said...

Lmao! You two are perfect for each other!

K - The Submissive Wife said...

His logic does make sense when you say it, but... safewords are good too. IMO.

Of course, I can never remember that I have one until later, then I'm like, oh, damn, I could have used my safeword (and avoided that work party/super bowl thing)

Conina said...

I have a safeword but I've never used it. Then again, husband not particularly a sadist... though I have thought about using it once or twice when I felt like my nipples had exploded during a session of ruler beating. But since my eyes are closed and he's the one who can see, probably best not to in a situation like that. Pretty sure he'd stop if he popped me.

xantu said...

I have tried it once or twice, literally squalling the word, "Safeword!!!! Safeword!!!" which he found vastly amusing. He was overjoyed to find out that we had gotten past the me enjoying it place to the me regretting it place. His answer was, "Oh your just fine." before continuing. The only real safe word thing that works is the calm rational voice saying... "If you break my arm off I probably won't be able to go to work tomorrow."

Master's piece said...

@xantu Oh tried the safeword thing too. Like yours He paused long enough to say nope and then carried on ~sighs~

part time submissive said...

I thought we had a safe word but he won't tell me what it is. Maybe ill just keep a blow horn under my pillow instead. Think ill get my point across?