Tuesday, April 3, 2012


His hand snaked out, as we were watching TV, to harass a nipple. Moving them bodily to safety one explained that after last night they didn't trust Him to respect their limits.
He replied I'm just moving their limits
Um... think that kinda defies the whole idea of limits
Well you are always saying that they can't be trusted He replied
Er.... if they are that unstable then you shouldn't be playing with them
Oh I think I should, He said as he pounced on them
You know one reads about these sorts of negotiations on the net and they don't end up going like this at all... why does it go so wrong?


lil said...

I have negotiations all the time...Unfortunately, the majority of them seem to end up being with myself. Sigh

Conina said...

I know it's wrong, but I'm seeing little nipples with mouths arguing about their limits and screaming for mercy now.

If only I had a smidge of artistic talent I would so draw it.

Master's piece said...

Those mouths got gagged real fast :)