Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where are we now

Well one small slave is home from work. That bloody virus has come for a back swing and added a couple of new wrinkles... neither of them attractive. So here one is, on what is one of the busiest days of Easter trading... home. With a bad case of the guilts and a tummy that rattles with assorted medications.

The stupid thing is that none of them seem to alleviate the pain in the shoulders and neck... they are bad enough that one can barely lift the arms above the head.

This sucks!!!!

To add insult to injury one is too sick to even want sex...
OMG death is imminent and doctor was too chicken shit to say
And the list of forbidden food leaves very little in the way of recompense...

This sucks!!!

Of course He still has sex...
It sort of started as affection and went... a little off course
But one small slave was too sick to enjoy it

This sucks!!

Oh and coffee tastes bad... horrible in fact

This sucks worse than ever!


lil said...

ooh...No wonder you sound so miserable--No one should have to lose coffee induced pleasure.

I'm pretty sure you are probably not quite dying, (super encouraging right?) And I do hope you feel better soon.

Master's piece said...

Coffee tastes bad... one might as well be dying :(

Tiffany Price said...

Hope you get to feeling better