Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tails of the unexpected

Over the years we have had quite a few toys from the Fun Factory. They always have interesting shapes and textures, not to mention that they use high grade silicones to make them from. So when He saw they had made some anal beads he thought they might be interesting. And of course they were also in one small slave's favourite colour... purple L

The implement:
These anal beads called Bendybeads have an insertable length of about 19cm (7.5"). The balls range from about 2cm (just under 7/8") to 3.5cm 1.5" in diameter. There is a cute little ring pull that looks like a tail... actually you can wag them as they are being inserted... no you cannot see the video of it.

The pros:
  • Silicone
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Not so large they are intimidating
  • Flexible and soft 

The cons:
  • Not as easy to insert by yourself as you would think due to that flexible nature 

It started off with one small slave struggling to get them in unaided. Fortunately He was on hand to help get the last three in. Honestly one is no slouch on the flexible stakes, but theirs was more than one could wrangle alone. Once in they were comfortable and gave a delicious feeling of fullness... everywhere.

With trying out that fullness n mind He stepped up to the plate. Well one was conveniently propped up on the knees, wet cunt exposed and He was there... taking pictures... seemed a shame to waste it really. That fullness proved to be His downfall as he came, muttering about things being a little too tight. Whispers is it wrong to gloat when the one in charge gets caught like that? 'Cos the vagina smirked...

Now the whole idea of anal balls is that you pull them out during the orgasm. The idea is that the muscles contract around the balls increasing the feeling. That is the premise at any rate. Of course the problem as far as one's arse was concerned was they got smaller as they were coming out. It couldn't help but feel gypped. Their smooth, flexible nature meant that they slid out with the greatest of ease, leaving one to think well that was fun... going in.

So we were both left feeling a little unfulfilled. It's strange how sex can work like that sometimes. There you both are, having had an orgasm and still left feeling like you might have missed out on something... bigger. All in all it is a nice anal toy and a good one for beginners, but as far as enhancing an orgasm... one would have to say He does a much better job J


Toni said...

Nice...... :)

Where did you get it from I am unable to find Fun Factory's web page.

Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

The tone of your writing always makes me smile and want to respond in a sympathetic reassuring tone with words that are completely sarcastic.

Is that what you are going for?

I like anal beads, but I am definitely a beginner in the standards of your world. (And by beginner, I mean, so much more fun to still be had!)

BasketCase said...

Pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we'd like to see the video. : p

It sucks you both felt gypped, however I'm sure he's worse off than you! Well, for that round anyways. :)

Arianthe said...

"the vagina smirked..." Lmfao!!!

I bet it smirked about as successfully as I do with a mouthful of cock! :-/

Master's piece said...

Try here Toni

Master's piece said...

@Kitty Well the tone here is definitely tongue in cheek... but the arse does need sympathy :D

@MsD Oh you can smirk around a mouthful of cock ;)

~Peers at BasketCase~ Oh you're going to be trouble... one can tell -.-

Unknown said...


~peers at basketcase~

I like em....

Master's piece said...

~Sighs~ Of course you do Vixen... one of your kind

BasketCase said...

I have no idea what one would be talking about...