Thursday, April 26, 2012

The homecoming

Kneeling naked at the backdoor waiting for Him to come home, one noticed there was a nasty cold wind whistling in. The weather has been strange the last week. It was so hot at the beginning we needed air-con and fans. Now it is turning brass monkeys. A fact one pointed out to Him while slipping off his shoes...

I was surprised to see you naked He replied.
Umm... you said last year that one wasn't allowed to keep the warm clothes.
Did I? Oh that's right so I did, He said in that unperturbed voice.
You mean one could have been here all snugly?
I was in error. We'll keep the no clothes rule. Of course if you would like to apply nipple clamps and paddle yourself... It will keep you nice and warm...
Aiming a stinging blow at one's chilled arse He went past.

Why is it the only time a Scorpio says "I was wrong" (even then He couldn't quite say the word) is when it's going to do no good for anyone else? L

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