Monday, April 30, 2012

The clean up

Shaving is one of those little jobs that are done on a daily basis and rather than risk losing something near and dear... those little snick, snick sound effects of the other day were a little too close to the heart... one uses a Seiko Cleancut. He bought it for one many years ago and it hasn't missed a beat since. Apparently the new ones are rechargeable, but this one isn't and goes for weeks on its batteries. Anyway it is one of the few domestic chores He likes to settle in to watch.

Actually that's not quite true... He loves to watch one do domestic things... preferably naked or in that French maids outfit... but one could never work out why this little job seemed to attract him quite so much. As soon as He hears the whir of the shaver he appears like an apparition to settle in to watch. This time He came with his camera...


Anonymous said...

very nice i think i will have to invest in one

Master's piece said...

They are brilliant, but there have been some bad revues of them... mainly because of some little known facts.
When you shave with a blade it lifts up the hairs and removes them below the surface of the skin. It also removes some skin cells. That is why the skin feels so smooth.
When you use an electric razor for the first time, if you have used blades, it will not feel smooth. That is because they take the hair off at skin level. It takes about a month of shaving before it will feel smooth as the skin cells have to grow back around the hair follicle.
That is why men use either a blade or electric and don't swap back and forth.
The other secret is to make sure you don't let the hairs get too long before shaving... these shavers don't cope with hair... only stubble :D

Jake said...

I may have to see about getting one of these for my wife. Thanks for the tip!

Sqoodd said...

Great video. I am with him in being able to watch this chore for a long time without getting tired.