Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A pinch and a zap for the first of the month

The zappy toy that followed us home yesterday made it to the bedroom today. Opening up the box one noticed that they had thoughtfully included a blind fold. A very sensible precaution one feels... you can blind fold the person so they can't see it coming, and so they can't find the perpetrator and retaliate. Can you feel the lack of love here? The reason for that is very simple. Some of us are just way more conductive than others... what some will experience as a bit of a zap, will make one small slave numb to the elbow.

First let one just say for the record... telling your slave who is utterly terrified of electricity, to start getting aroused 'cos it will make it easier is not helpful. And guess what? The body was less than obliging. It seems that fear impedes arousal in some of us. OK the body responds, but the mind just won't join the party L

Oh and by the way... informing your slave that there was a lot of more interesting things on the menu, but we have run out of time, will just make them question why this was the component that you went with. And while we are  suggesting helpful hints for next time, saying to your slave  that the easy solution would be to just sling them in the straightjacket is also not helpful. Oh and laying there fingering the button and making sound effects, just makes one revaluate the whole not a sadist thing... 'cos that is emotional torture and you looked like you were enjoying it :P

In the end we just went for an insert and turn the damn thing on approach. Which is where we made a surprise discovery... the vagina is not terribly receptive to electrical stimulation. And not in a fuck that hurts, get it out kinda way. Seriously, it was more can you feel that? Um no... is it actually turned on? Yes. Are you sure?

It wasn't until He jacked up the zap and it felt like someone had just kicked one in the cunt, that we made another discovery. There is no middle ground between can't feel it and get it out... though we both suspect that may be more the toy than the body. Of course enjoying playing sadist scientist and lab rabbit He inserted it in one's arse. Every good junior scientist know you have to test your hypothesis... several times L

Then we discovered that the arse was way more receptive and sensitive. Again though there wasn't much of a middle ground... though He thought the twitch felt great. Well He would wouldn't he? It wasn't his arse involved in the process, and let's be honest the penis is no great judge of anything. Least ways anything that involves sensible choices.

So where are we on all of this you may be wondering...
Personally one intends to smuggle it out at the first opportunity... it has some rough little edges that are unpleasant... nods yes that is the issue.
He wants one of these 'cos they look way more fun.
No good is going to come of this.

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little monkey said...

"let's be honest the penis is no great judge of anything. Least ways anything that involves sensible choices"

I've been telling my sons this since they hit puberty.You are such a sensible slave (which makes me wonder, after checking out that link, why the hell you aren't running as fast as you f**king can?).