Thursday, June 9, 2011

A distinct lack of Njoyment

Side by side; large and 2.0 Njoy
At the moment one is spending some quality time in the evenings with the 2.0. It is not one small slave's best friend. Getting it in by yourself requires some serious contortions and a little force, and getting it out is almost as fraught. The handle is also just that little bit too long for comfort and you end up perched on furniture. All in all it does not make for the best of evenings L

On the bright side when He is administering the evening flogging and arse fucking it is almost a relief. And putting the large Njoy back in to go to sleep with is a pleasure. In fact it is almost anticlimactic. It is strange how everything in life is relative... 

1 comment:

kaya said...

Ye olde "it could always be worse" at play. I hate when they play that card.

And I might hate you if you keep posting pictures of the 2.0

I'm just sayin'.