Friday, July 15, 2011

Creative idea #5

You know, He says turning limpid blue eyes in this direction, I've been thinking about how you going to fetch things while in the straitjacket. Really, one enquired with interest, while groaning on the inside. His creative ideas are often less than beneficial to one small slave. In fact some of them are just downright unpleasant L

Yes, what we need is a gag shaped like a pair of tongs or forceps. Something that opens in your mouth to keep you quiet, a strap to keep it in place and off you go. You can depress it with your mouth and bring the item back to me. And you all are going to be so proud of one small pedantic slave... not one logical argument involving the reality of force over distance or the amount of PSI the human mouth could realistically apply escaped one's lips...

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