Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MEO anal stretching ring set

Well the anal set (small, medium and large) plus the plugs arrived very promptly as always... about six days from Germany to Australia... and well packed in a discrete box. As a company you can't fault MEO for service and efficiency, not to mention great looking toys. He has this wish list that is just scary... and they just seem to get bigger. Bigger and lockable... shudders L

The implements:

Now we got the x-small one last month and it is featured in this picture on the left. The set is the other three to the right.

 You can find the specifications here, but one thought a picture paints a thousand words and nothing says it as well as a 375ml can of something artfully placed J
Another way to consider the size is to consider that the baseball bat is between the medium and the large... for those who prefer visuals.

The pros:

  • Well they are gorgeous looking and very smooth.
  • They make you feel very open and exposed.
  • The larger they get the bigger the internal holes so the easier it is for someone to make use of your exposure.

The cons:

  • The larger the hole the harder they are to get in... without an apex there is nothing to force against the sphincter to make it open and you need to be very relaxed.
  • They are big... very big... actually huge.

And we were happily engaged in trying to get them in... We got the small (which is a complete misnomer by the way) one in and were working on the medium, when we had to abandon our efforts due to a broken water pipe. That is not a euphemism in case you were wondering. See this is the joy of 24/7 relationships... other shit gets in the way of your fun. We spent the rest of the day dealing with an assortment of plumbers who came, looked at the job, recommended someone else and fled the scene... with far more haste than they arrived with might one add.

So this is going to be a serial review... done between being zapped and being starved fed French food and dancing around workmen. This recovery/ holiday just gets better and better J


tadass said...
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Thaad said...

Great product review, thanks a million! Which size, Large or X-Large is photographed next to the black Pepsi can?

tadass said...
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Master's piece said...

Hmmm... the first picture shows the X small, small, medium and large.
In the rest of the pictures it is small, medium and large, in that order. Hope that helps.
We haven't got the X large... hopefully never will... that large one is scary enough :D
aistis72 if you have got the XL, you're are the bravest person ever :D

tadass said...
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Thaad said...

@ Master's piece, your size breakdown of the photos was VERY helpful, thanks again!
Can't wait now to purchase my own LARGE Stretch Ring. :-)

tadass910 said...

well L is way too big....maybe for woman okay but not for men

Master's piece said...

See one is of the same opinion about the large... but there is always someone out there who believes in go large or go home. Unfortunately He is one of those people :(

J said...

Hi, I really want to know if its possible to wear it for 24/7 or even longer? permenant?
which ever size I wear?
I wish you could help me solving this out!

Thx xxx

Jason Beren said...
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