Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MEO anal stretching ring

Some weeks ago we purchased a butt plug from MEO. Firstly may one just say they are a pleasure to deal with; fast, efficient and the item was well packed. They have some great looking toys and we wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

The impliment;
  • The butt plug is an anal stretching ring made from aluminium alloy. 
  • It is designed to be used as a long term/ permanent plug. 
  • This is the x-small one and is about 1" wide at the waist, but they are available as a set, and do go up to 2.5" for those that well... want more stretch or are practising to do anal fisting. 
  • In this picture you can also see the silicon plug that we also purchased to block the hole.

The pros;
  • The anal plug is incredibly smooth and slips in very easily, but the design doesn't allow it to pop in too far or to slip back out.
  • It feels very secure when it is in. 
  • The surface seems quite impervious to scratching and maintains it smooth slightly glossy surface. 
  • As a toy it is a rather sexy thing visually and the possibilities for use are quite endless J
  • If the plug is pushed in, slightly below the surface, it will stay in place securely.

The cons;
Ah yes there is always one... The plug that closes the hole is slipped in rather like a cork in the bottom of a salt and pepper shaker. It is a good idea, particularly when you have been filled up with bodily fluids... you do need to be able to transport them to a more suitable environment. Unfortunately when everything is covered in cum and lube the plug pops out. No amount of pushing it in made it stay. 

May one just say that the choice of a leather lounge was an inspired one... this could have been very messy J


Anonymous said...

I have a question in a past post you mention that with the permanent plug can slip in easily when siting down depending on your shape. Do you have that problem with this plug? I am asking because my Master wishes me to wear a plug longer and the glass one I try to wear slips out easily on me. It is about 5 inches long. Trying to find a plug that I can wear more often and though to ask you since your site is so informative.

Master's piece said...

No, that doesn't happen with this plug... it is wider at the base. Mind you an arse is very elastic and they can adjust to all sorts of things, given enough time. If you are looking for something for longer wear, consider the njoy or even a rosebud as well as the MEO. You will find a pic of them clustered together with a golf ball for size if you look under the "guides" label. Hope that helps...
Oh and if in doubt go bigger... that adjustment thing can happen quite fast :D

Anonymous said...

Another question can you go to the bathroom regular or do you have to use a enema while wearing?

Master's piece said...

@Angel Leslie Have started a new post "Permanent plugs revisited" (September) to answer this question. Hope it helps :)