Thursday, November 10, 2011

Conspiracy theory

The day started with promise; woke early, felt OK... stumbled out for morning mouse. From that point on it careened pretty much downhill. No computer system and then the phone rang with the manager begging one to come into work early. Strangely the feeling of wellbeing evaporated... actually it disappeared in a fizz of annoyance.

Of course we had plans... meet and greet at the door and being whisked off to bed for a little old fashioned anal sex.

Instead He got breakfast/ dinner shoved in his direction and one flew out of the door to catch the bus. For a while there, given the track record of the last few days, one thought it was the universes way of saying stop doing housework. Upon review however, one is starting to think its saying stop making plans L


lil said...

Sometimes I think I make plans just so someone can have the satisfaction of coming along and screwing them up.

Though I do kind of like the housework theory...

Dina said...

Old saying: "When man makes plans--God laughs." You can replace "God" with "universe", if you'd prefer, but the sentiment remains the same. ;)