Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sharing... and its opposite

It was nippy the other evening and both of the t-shirts one likes to haul on in a hurry were in the wash. So what is a slave to do? Well being practical one grabbed one of His. Well He was asleep and unable to defend them.

Selecting a nice, soft, slightly worn item one slid it on and pottered around... until He got up.
He took one look and grumbled what are you doing in my shirt?
Umm... it was cold and the others were in the wash? It is just a loan one hastened to add.
Looking unconvinced by either the argument or the temporary nature of the arrangement, He delivered the lecture about the sanctity of his t-shirts.
For the record He has a double wardrobe full of them... rolls eyes... it's not like it's his last one.

Now this morning He had to take his mother to the heart specialist... so one had plans. Coffee, computer, catch up time and a little light housework... yeah one should have learnt by now L The morning started with promise... coffee, computer... and then the net and phone system crashed completely. Something it did again later in the day for the rest of the night... only they included the TV in the deal as well. And people wonder why we have two separate phone companies in the house... it's so you can phone up to complain about the other one.

So with crushed hopes one grabbed the t-shirt and started on the housework and laundry.
What are you doing in my t-shirt, was the first question out of His mouth when he saw one scamper by.
It's still the same one... not cleaned or anything... more of an extended loan.
That is how it starts. You steal them, He said and a harsh, accusatory tone.
OFFS that was one t-shirt, one time and it was years ago. Look at it this way, one is doing you a favour and stopping you looking disreputable.
It's all it takes... one dangerous precedent.

Later when He came home and was stretched out on the couch... fighting peak hour traffic will do that to you... he lifted his arms in a universal signal for a hug. Sliding on top of Him, one snuggled up... and felt him slowly lifting up the t-shirt. It was not in the least bit sexual. He was trying to get the t-shirt back.

Mind you one did get a bit of revenge... we had to go to a work related birthday function this evening. He got the pleasure of seeing one in real clothes and shoes.


In fact one even managed to get back into the first pair of high heels in a year.

And He got to sit across the table for hours of excruciating chit chat that was work related... though the girls had very kindly herded the men folk down one end of the table to chat amongst themselves. There is nothing like a work function to extract a little pay back J


little monkey said...

*Holds her arms up for a hug*

"Come here you adorable thing you, and give us a cuddle"

*wonders if she can reach the shoes, and skedaddle before piece notices they're gone*

Master's piece said...

~Peers at littlemonkey with deepening suspicion... you don't make a girls things feel very safe at all~

Unknown said...

*snatches the shoes while piece is occupied hugging monkey*

Master's piece said...

And there you have it gentle viewers... slave/ female solidarity at its finest. This is the real reason that the slave rebellion of 2011 failed... shoes :(

Sadist's magick said...

sighs deeply as she gazes at the shoes .. they are beautiful (ps nice dress)

MsSparkles said...

Bikes technically... you didn't even have a chance to get as far as shoes.

Master's piece said...

Well if we are going to get technical the reason was you MsS... which brings us back to female solidarity and the lack thereof :)