Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out of the spotlight

He came home looking tired, spent breakfast trying to get the computer to behave... for the record computers are not submissive anymore than cats are... and then cleaning up images from the photo shoot on Monday. Meanwhile one pottered around feeling slightly resentful... it was Thursday morning. It's supposed to be our morning together... the last one we have until Sunday.

And sure enough right on cue He wandered out in the last fifteen minutes before one had to get ready for work for a little put me to sleep sex. 

Nothing says to a woman, regardless of the dynamic, that you are special quite as adequately as squeezing her in the last quarter of a day. Particularly a day when there is a standing arrangement to spend time together. A fact one did point out... you will notice those excellent communication skills... none of that passive aggressive shit and acting like nothing was wrong. See the thing is it is always a strange sensation when He is distracted like that. It's like someone has turned off the spotlight and you are left alone on the darkened stage... Of course this performer will ask what the fuck is up with the lights.

Of course He turned them back on...

We talked... about being too fried to do much more than what we were doing. It is strange but our lives are a mirror image at the moment... jobs where the staff is decreasing, but the work load isn't. It means that at times neither of us bring our A game to the relationship. This is something that we are both vigilant about. Hey even a relationship like ours doesn't survive without work... it's why we are still together after all this time.

Crawling across the couch for a hug one sort of ended up in an assisted ooops. That is to say one fell in His lap. Taking advantage of the position over His knee he proceeded to spank one with a less than gentle hand. He subdued the attempts to wriggle away with an arm and increased the rhythm. Protesting that one had only come across for a hug He replied this was a hug. Couldn't one feel His arms and the warmth?

To be honest one felt warmth of a different kind when He tossed one back on the couch and proceeded to perform some of that talented oral.

And there was even more warmth when He decided to finish off with a little anal without the benefit of lube of any kind... something He is too big for. That really made one squeak in protest... something He ignored. No sadistic tendencies there... oh no. It left one bleeding and has wrecked the damn thing for a couple of days is one's pick.

Dammit that spotlight needs a pink filter L


Vixen4770 said...

See? He really does love you!

Master's piece said...

Yes, yes He does. Though one must say the arse does not reciprocate the feelings at the moment :(

Vixen4770 said...

And that matters how?

Master's piece said...

Oh, its vote counts...