Monday, November 28, 2011

Self torture... it's the new black

Today one boldly dragged one's very reluctant arse back into the gym. A glance at the programme made one realise it had been four months since spraining the ankle. To be honest one had no idea it was so long, and being good one didn't have at it hammer and tongs. Aiming for about two thirds of the programme and dropping the weights back seemed to go surprisingly well.

There were some other surprises too... the lungs were not as bad as one thought they would be, though it is going to be a while before one is running round the block. And it is so nice to use the X-Trainer without ever present foot pain. The biceps have taken on complete girl status... they are going to need some work done on them... and the triceps also presented some difficulty of a different kind. The body has got so used to compensating for the foot it had no idea what to do with the foot working again. It took a while to find a centre of gravity and... let's just say there is nothing elegant about hanging from a straight bar shall we and leave it at that? And no there aren't any pics so don't ask.

Now as the end of the day draws near one is aware of a couple of things. It has helped no end with the slow spiralling slide into depression, but then so did His home remedy.
And His treatment actually hurt less than this is going to...

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Vixen4770 said...


ok, but I'm glad you are going back to the gym.

even if you didn't post a pic...