Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The path

It was a fucked up day full of nothing. In fact the highlight of it was discovering on Fet that for a master to attend master school, he needs to fulfil the following criteria:
  • Must be bigger than eight inches (apparently they measure you)
  • Must bring two bring at least 2 subservient women whom will perform for paying customers 
  • Must have money

All of this will graduate you with the title Domme...

To be honest one thinks that should get you the title of pimp, but not having attended slave school one is obviously confused.

Mind you it was such a slow day that one scampered in to inform Him he wasn't a twoo master.

Yeah not much happening at all, though one suspects Auntie might have been right... a fool and his money are soon parted L


lil said...

Ooh, what are the requirements for "twue" slave school??

Master's piece said...

To be honest one shudders to think... accepting one of these twits as your master?

William said...

That is way too funny. The sad thing is, there will probably be some who sign up for it.


Vixen4770 said...

Stupid is as stupid does, and the rest of us snicker at them...