Saturday, November 5, 2011

Widening the aperture

There is a thread on the group about limiting outside influences... at least in the group you can have a discussion about that without a resounding chorus of red flags. Shutting your slave off from the outside world isn't necessarily a bad thing. At a simple level every one of us probably has a friend or family member who does not enrich our life... and some people are incapable of saying no and others get immersed in their drama. As one said, and has said before, isolation is not necessarily a bad thing.

The other advantage of cutting off contact with the outside world is that it focuses the attention on the owner. They become the sun and the moon... they are in effect the voice of your personal god. And if they are worthy of that is of course dependant on how well you chose. But that is something for another time...

Of course if the owner doesn't have a god complex and isn't quite so controlling, all that attention can be a bit much. Couple it with a slave who is a natural introvert... to the point of resenting having to go out once a week to friends (entertaining though they are)... even though one understands that friends are important (still a little hazy as to why, but no doubt that will be resolved in the fullness of time)... and it ends up with a little too much focus being shifted your way. That and an environmental control freak who actually likes getting into corners of the bathroom with a toothbrush. Or worse quilting and planning four course dinners... though at times when immersed in a quilt they may well come out of cans.

No, far better to send one small slave out to work for a few hours a week and let the public torture her for you.

Christmas cometh...
The tinsel is up
Santa is due to arrive
And soon the carols will begin L


Vixen4770 said...

Oh honey, you have my utmost sympathy for having to work retail during the holiday season. HUGE HUGS

Master's piece said...

~Sniffles~ Thank you

pepper said...

mine too, dear, i well recall those days....the lights....the repetitive jingles...the fisticuffs over the last toy in the aisle...i'l tell you a story about an old lady in 16 1/2 pounds of makeup one day.

Big fat squooshy hugs.

Biddable said...

Oh, piece! God, working retail at Christmas ought to be a hard limit. The jewellery shop I used to manage was right next to the Santa pavilion... and Santa had orders to stand outside it, jingle his bells and jolly the shoppers if he wasn't busy.

Hell. On. Earth.

Also, Paul McCartney ought to be drawn and quartered for Wonderful Christmastime.

Master's piece said...

The fucker has parked his sleigh virtually outside our store... no good is going to come of this :(

Though the story involving 16 1/2 pounds of makeup might cheer one up... albeit briefly :)