Thursday, November 3, 2011

As a reward for doing the makeup for the photo shoots, He decided to treat one to a chair more suitable to the job. Let us not dwell on the whole thing of positive rewards or how He is cunning and buys things that will further his aims, and let us dwell on the spirit of the gift. The idea was a chair that will raise the models up to a more convenient height and take the strain off one's back.

It arrived quietly last week and stayed in the breezeway because neither of us had time to unpack it. Of course on Tuesday morning He slipped out to assemble it, and we discovered the chair was badly damaged... and not the kind that can be fixed with a bit of glue. So we phoned the company, which is online, and lo their number was no longer available.
Little bells starting to tink away quietly.

So He did the next best thing and sent an email. This came back informing us they were unavailable...
You are all starting to feel a little cynical about now aren't you? J
... and giving another email address.

Contacting that address we were pleasantly surprised when they replied quite rapidly and asked for photos of the damage. 
Sending them off... we waited.
They got back to us later in the day and informed us another chair was on the way and to keep the damaged one. That was a relief because neither of us were enamoured with the idea of popping the damn thing back in its box or paying for the freight.

The new chair arrived safe and sound today.
So thank you redwrappings,  for excellent service and complaints resolution. 


Unknown said...

well GOOD! I'll admit I didn't see that ending coming..

Unknown said...

OH, and I love how he takes care of you. See if your back ached it might not be able to keep you in the "proper position". :D

Master's piece said...

See, you have a good grasp of His inner workings too ;)
And it was a nice ending wasn't it :)