Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And what did you do today?

Well today was His birthday. It was one of those milestone ones that have a big fat zero on the end of it. So what did we do you may be wondering. Oddly enough it didn't involve a birthday beating... which was good 'cos He is starting to creep up there... into the land of oh hell that hurts.

No, we spent the day involved in another photo shoot. Actually there were meant to be two of them back to back, but only one turned up and it went all day. Then we had to scamper down the hallway to do His birthday dinner and presents. That was followed by scuttling out to roleplaying for the rest of the night.

See the secret of the distraction technique one outlined the other day is to keep them coming. Don't give them time to come up for air... or your arse J


Vixen4770 said...

*waits for it*

Master's piece said...

You are such a little ghouleh :P

Vixen4770 said...

His fascination with your arse won't be distracted for long. Quoting YOU "He's like the tide"