Sunday, November 13, 2011

Purple all over

A friend on Fet has an owner who makes interesting looking paddles. Well He thought they were interesting, while one small slave thought they looked mean and scary... if rather beautiful. Unfortunately His opinion is the only one that counts and before you could say wink one was on Fetmail making enquiries. He particularly liked one make out of Purpleheart wood... and they were about to do a batch of them.

Today one got a little note to say they were just being oiled and enquiring how one was. For starters they are not topics that should be in the same email... 'cos not good any more is a natural response. In fact the first thing one said to Him was, you realise that hitting one with that purple paddle is going to undo all your hard work with the colour don't you?

Looking up He said well in that case I will just have to use the purple Tango at the same time... that way you will just be conflicted.


Sighs it was worth a try...

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