Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday... again

It's late in the evening and one small slave was thinking about showering, and other little ritualistic behaviours... most of them conducted in a horizontal position. Somewhat early might one add, as one is being dragged into work tomorrow to do an extra day. Wouldn't you know it one did have plans... He is leaving early to do a shoot up the coast and one small slave was planning a little lay in, coffee in bed, catching up with a net buddy, oh and some light housework so everything would be nice and clean when He got home. In fact one was even toying with the idea of a little shopping. All of that was laid to waste by staffing issues... other peoples might one add.

Anyway back to puttering around thinking about showers...

He says I need your packing skills.
Umm you usually consider them excessive.

As an aside laying the wardrobe out so you can check it is the best mix and match combo, with accessories, is a sensible approach if you want to maximise both flexibility and space. And everyone needs a packing list...preferably attached to the suitcase. How else are you going to mark things off so you don't forget them? Needless to say His packing looks like a slightly demented squirrel; a quick rifle through the wardrobe as a few t-shirts are tossed, along with an assortment of socks... what is it with that many socks?... onto the top of the neatly packed suitcase. Why this casual abandon you may be wondering? Well He is secure in the knowledge that one small slave has thought of everything else... like toiletries and shavers and, and, and...

They usually are He retorted, but in this case they are going to be handy
Perking with interest one hovered in the study door with dancing visions of artfully packed camera and equipment bags.

I need sun block.
Umm... do you think it might have been sensible to mention that while one was still at work?
Well we have some.
Yes, but do you even know where it is?
No, but I have you and you will know where it is.
Yes and it is right here... reaching out to the shelf nearby one checked the bottom for an expiry date... and you are in luck.

I need a hat
Looking at Him the interest started to wane... this is not the stuff of packing dreams... more a search and find mission. Moving into the study one picked up the hats.
Sounding exasperated He said I don't want those ones.
Of course not. Digging around in the recesses of the hall cupboard one found some older ones. Coming back in the room one enquired, which do you think says I know what I am doing more? H R Pufnstuf or Ren and Stimpy?
Looking less than enthusiastic He asked is that it?
Well they are your hats.

Standing there one desperately tried to keep a straight face as He tried them on... for the record it is very hard to takes someone wearing either hat very seriously.

I need a new hat He said somewhat mournfully.
Helpfully one handed over the others saying please don't even begin to try and suggest that the Jedi Training Academy hat is remotely...
He glared at one as he tried them on finally settling for ... not the Jedi hat one noticed, which was a shame as the shape suited him.

So there He is all packed...
And here one is... deeply disappointed on so many levels L

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