Friday, February 3, 2012

The clique

Over the years the group has often been accused of being a clique. And one is the first to say yes we are. The thing is though people often seem to forget that the word clique is sometimes not only used incorrectly, but that it isn't necessarily a bad thing. See a clique is as good or bad as its leader.

Under MT's leadership the group has definitely become a much mellower place than it once was. Hell for that matter the Wild West has become mellower. The group when it started out was a rough place where the sharpest tongue won. And people used to come in just to take on the sharpest one around. But just as the Wild West gave way to cities she slowly, but surely, civilised us J

The way Fet was set up there was no way to remove people and the care bears were often more of a hindrance than a help... bless them they were out of their depth more often than not in that group. They really couldn't understand why we couldn't all get along... we were just kinksters having fun weren't we. Umm.... no. No, we were not. And for the record waking up to find whole threads removed because some bloody kinkster had got their knickers in a knot over something that we had said wasn't fun at all. But one digresses... back to cliques.

We, as a group, do have certain features of a clique. There is a queen bee; MT, her sidekick; N (her daughter dubbed him so), bankers... those that collect information and secrets... err a group full of INTJ's... it's what we do, floaters (most of the members 'cos we don't force them to be faithful or monogamous) and the targets. Now that last one is the interesting one... and that is the one most worthy of closer examination. See normally a clique, one that is poorly led in particular, targets outsiders. They actively go after them.

Now we might exclude people, but we rarely go after them. In fact the only time we as a group have ever gone after anyone, was when they have insisted on ignoring our boundaries in the group. Usually after we have spanked them we just toss them out the door. Occasionally the odd group member, not the group, carries on nailing their arses to the ground outside of our borders... some of our group have warped senses of humour. The rest of us have no dog in the fight... we literally don't think they are worth the energy nor do we care enough to do it.

So while one has no issue with describing us as a clique, one would have to say we are a fairly benign one. We're just not warm and fuzzy... and we have a zero tolerance for stupid. Actually we also have zero tolerance for armchair pontificators, people telling us we are wrong and dangerous, people who come in to defend someone's honour when they have had a run in with someone from the group, people who tell us we are a bad example to newbies, people who tell us we are fantasists, people informing us we are going to be amputated along with the boiled kittehs and those who have obviously mistaken us for people they can change... oh and sections of the Gorean community. Other than that we are pretty much live and let live J


little monkey said...

While I am no longer on Fet, while I was there I was a floater in your group. I am not in an M/s relationship (as we all know)but was always treated with respect and tolerance. I thought you all were very interesting and pretty damn inclusive of people outside your particular lifestyle.

Vixen B-Ab said...

Hell, you accepted ME and I'm not even a SLAVE

Kim said...

I don't post much but it's my favorite on Fet. The people that say the group is "elitist" or "cliquish" well they are just daft or jealous, I can't decide. That's my two cents, for what it's worth.

Master's piece said...

Hush you lot... you will ruin our reputation as the mean group ;)