Wednesday, February 15, 2012

That weighty matter

Over on Biddable's blog she wrote about her response to a couple of people's pontifications about weight. Like her one found most of the assumptions offensive. In fact one started to reply and it was getting to be such a diatribe that one stopped and decided to put it here instead. It is a topic that one has grazed over before... in passing.

The thing is it makes one furious that so-called intelligent people still keep spouting the myth that fat people are obviously lazy, who eat poorly and are unmotivated on some level. Why? Because it is a myth and one is a case in point. See all the women in the family are fat. Oh they don't start that way... if anything, rather as one once was, they start out skinny. Hell at 23 one fitted into size 14 clothes... umm... that's children's size 14 clothes by the way. But at the age of 35, as the women in the family are wont to do, one woke up with someone else's body.

No longer was one able to eat and never put on weight, no longer was one able to diet and drop a few pounds... literally in a couple of weeks, no longer was one able to do sport and never have to worry about weight. No, at the age of 35 the body went no. Not no as in we need to be coaxed, but no as in hell no. And there one was staring down the realisation that, like the rest of the women in the family, one was about to get fat. No not a little chubby, but clinically obese.

At 35, rather like the rest of the women in the family one suspects, PCOS had struck with a vengeance. Leaving one secure in the knowledge that all the diet and exercise in the world probably wasn't going cut it ever again. Not that the knowledge stopped one trying. With hand on heart one can say one has failed nearly every diet on the books... hell on some of the more famous ones there was actually a weight gain. In fact the only ones that had moderate success were low carb ones... and success is being defined here as the weight stabilised.

And exercise? Oh hell one walks... miles at work and on a treadmill and everywhere in between. In fact one spends six to eight hours a week in the gym weight training and walking... 'cos unlike cardio work (which one also does) it doesn't disturb the hormone levels in the body and make them canter off down the road to resistance. The diet is sensible 98% of the time, though one will come out for a little home baking, the job is active and after doing that, one still hits the gym regardless of how much one would rather just go home.

And all of that work results in the weight gain slowly, but surely, going up and up with every passing year. The difference is that the weight goes on at a rate of about 1-2 kilos a year rather than a month. And best of all one knows this is life as one is going to know it for, potentially, another 30 years at least... and it has been 13 years so far. And why? So some ill-informed pontificator can say that it is Master's fault that he doesn't shut off the food supply and make one exercise more because one doesn't have the necessary self control?

Well fuck you, you fatist fucks!

All of us have prejudices... it is a human thing. Of course not all of us feel obliged to pass judgement on people publically by writing that kind of drivel, gussied up as some sort of a public service designed to show our concern. And don't say there are exemptions for those trying to do something about it. You look at us with the same judgement you pass on everyone else... how can you not? You have no idea what is really going on, you just see the end results. Besides we all know you only tack those comments on so you can spew your misinformed shit, without guilt and without being accused of being the fatist that you are.
Why do you care what other people do in their relationship? For that matter why do you care what other people's property looks like?
Try looking to yourself and asking how can I be a better human being... 'cos seriously, some of us have a raft of suggestions.

Oh and while we are on the topic of self improvement you might like to catch up on recent research... you know the stuff that goes a long way to debunking most of your sage advice. For starters there is no evidence that exercise increases weight loss... in fact it actually increases appetite. They think exercise reduces stress hormones in the body, which in turn may aid weight loss. Secondly diets, even those rebranded as healthy eating... all they do long term is fuck with a metabolism... so starving the bitch ain't gonna work as you will find out... if she sticks around. Though why anyone would want to be owned by someone so ignorant beggars belief...

Now if you will excuse one small and pissed off slave the gym awaits... it's excellent for stress :)

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