Friday, February 24, 2012

The return trip

We were lying in bed the other day... well it is the only place with air-con and that is the story we are sticking with... talking about some recent events. See we think of falling down the rabbit hole as sort of a one way trip. It is inconceivable to us that it might not be... after all these years we don't think in terms of leaving, more transmuting if the need ever arose. An event that makes us both uncomfortable because it would probably signify a major life changing event like illness... but less of that... shudders L

Luxuriating in the cool air, one languidly stretched and idly asked could you go back? To a nice little relationship of give and take... umm one where you get to do both, often in the same day?
Well if I had to... if it was because there was some need for us to do so.
Oh not us silly we will always survive... let's be honest, no one else would have us. No one meant if we ended... like full stop... never no more.
A strange and slightly guilty look passed across His whiskers... Probably not He replied.

It's probably a fair assessment... He's got very used to life on his terms. Mind you He always preferred life like that... who doesn't? But the urge to tinker with His partners was always there. It always ended badly... they hated Him for doing it. That is a thing one never got because most of the changes He tried to wrought were for their betterment... but that is a tale for another time.

Lying there one tried to calculate the odds of Him finding some nice, malleable girl... they weren't good odds at all. See He had such a laundry list last time he sent his desires into the universe. Seriously it was a long and very specific list, and it had some weird shit on it. Not kinky weird... more unusual in their specificity. Odd things like no close family ties... if you had met the ex's mother you would understand that one... but again one digresses.

See we are quite perfect for each other... though if one ever puts out a list again one is going to specify gender. Honestly, when one asked for a six foot blonde one thought is was understood they were going to be female... shakes head... life has a very warped sense of humour. No far better we stay together puddling around the rabbit hole...
Going down?


Ms D said...

You know too much. This post almost brought me to tears.

Vixen B-Ab said...

inorite? When I asked for a redhead...