Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the last day of freedom

As we settled back into the return to work rhythm there was both good and bad news. There was even an orgasm for one small slave. See when one says we haven't been having sex that isn't quite true. He's been having sex... there have been little drippy spots and sore spots to prove it... it's just that one has been the lucky cum repository, rather than a partner in the more accepted sense of the word.

So it wasn't too surprising, when He asked one to join him in the shower this morning that he wasn't asking to have his back washed. He was even generous, as he mashed one up against the tiles, in that he applied a liberal coating of soap as lube. Master is kind, Master is merciful, Master is a miserable fucker loving. In fact one even thanked Him dutifully, when he finished with a shuddering groan in one's arse.

What was a surprise was that later, when one asked for a lift to the gym, He took one to bed instead. Well yes it was close to time for Him to go and one is used for put me to sleep sex, but in this case it was not only a tad early, but he stopped playing Skyrim. He actually left his demonic horse to do it... seriously it was a huge sacrifice on his part. In fact as we lay there in a post coital haze He even offered to take one to the gym as well.

Now that may have been an act of pure cunning on His part. He knows one is inclined to be happy for him to drift off to sleep after sex. In fact after an orgasm like that, one was even inclined to almost forgive Him for his little act of bastardry during, well directly after, the aforementioned orgasm. It was all that forgiveness that led to Him rolling over to snore drift off to sleep, while the other one of us tottered out in the heat and humidity... to bludge a lift from His mother who decided to get her car washed.

And seriously one is never going to the gym in that time slot again... it was full of school children doing something or other that involved swarming all over the equipment and using in not only unsupervised manner, but with no clear idea of what they were doing. Looking around all one could think was the gym must have made their parents sign every waiver in the book... it was a lawyer's wet dream in there L

Oh and the bad news... the new collar hasn't arrived yet so one may be stuffed back into the old one. He thinks it is best if work doesn't realise the damn thing can actually come off... why give them ideas...

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Oh but good for you for the orgasm, orgasms are always good.