Saturday, February 25, 2012

What not to wear

The sub-tropical storm edition

We are in the middle of the usual severe summer storm time at the moment. Out of nowhere the heavens open up with torrential rain, thunder and gale force winds... all of which combine to cause the twoo misery that is a sinus headache. Last night it cranked up the conditions and this morning there are branches all over the place and uprooted trees frantically being cleared away. The rivers are swollen and there is flash flooding that is causing havoc for many.

A girl gets on the bus, sporting some rather spiffy snakeskin printed Wellington boots, quite sensible attire given the rain and enormous puddles everywhere. Short denim shorts... again sensible given that she had good legs and besides, just because it's raining doesn't mean it isn't as hot as hell. A fine knit jumper with short sleeves... why do companies produce those... nothing looks as incongruous as knits with short sleeves.  And last but not least, a bright green and yellow sombrero.

It's blowing a gale.
The only thing that lurid fucker is going to do is garrotte you at the first chance. What on earth made you get up and think, today is sombrero wearing weather? Mind you it did make it very easy for the bus driver to spot her, so maybe it was more sensible than it would appear J

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Vixen B-Ab said...


But, but, it was PRETTY

*shakes her head*

You haven't been spending enough time on Fet lately. You're sense of self-preservation has gone walk-about