Thursday, February 9, 2012


A common, and frankly irritating, meme on Fet is that being owned is in some way trying to abdicate all responsibility for anything ever again. And of course you do this because you are trying to escape the responsibilities of life... usually because you are weak of mind and spirit. As with most things nothing could be further from the truth. Though it would be kinda nice if you could abdicate like that...

Round here we both have responsibilities for different areas. And you know often they are dependent on if He has any interest in the process. He has no interest in how a meal gets there, and for that matter when or what it is, so long as one turns up. Except for breakfast... He's big on breakfast. Mind you He also feverently hopes that meals will come in pill form before he dies... Do you have any idea how utterly insulting that is to a good cook... but as always one digresses.

No round here by and large responsibilities fall into three categories... His, ours and one small slaves. His include the major decisions and final says... oh and things he really wants to do and actively pursue... like killing one's arse with some horrid toy. Ours include things like the relationship 'cos like any relationship this one needs two active participants. People who are equally committed to keeping the relationship on the straight and narrow might one add.

All this brings us to one small slave's responsibilities... unfortunately some still exist. See round here one has a responsibility to Him and that includes being open and honest about what is going on in the crazy zone known as one's mind. Every once in a while He will ask what are you thinking and one tells him. The whole crazy convoluted thing... it's like a maze without hedges. And after all these years He still asks... hmmm... maybe he is more masochistic than he lets on. Anyway one digresses... again.

See round here it is equally one's responsibility to speak up if the relationship is heading off the rails. Now He may agree or disagree... that's where his responsibility comes in. So after four days of someone living in their cave exploring the world of Skyrim, and yet another meal eaten alone one did point out that maybe we needed to consider some ground rules for our holiday together. Simple things like dinner... together... and maybe a little sex thrown in for good measure.

He agreed one might have had a point. So hopefully we will get back on track and actually spend some time together... not in separate rooms as is often our want. And you lucky readers might end up with something to see other than widow status updates. No promises though... Skyrim is like a black hole J


Vixen B-Ab said...

yes, yes it is. As is Fet for others. Haven't had sex in almost a month :(

Master's piece said...

Oh shit don't say that out loud... Things like that shouldn't be put into the ether at all :(