Thursday, February 16, 2012

Road trip

What holiday would be complete without one, and so we tottered off along what proved to be a torturous trail to Maleny and Montville. They are picturesque places that are home to artist colonies, boutique business and most important of all, cheese makers. Well that last one is important to Him. Personally one can't see why you would want to form relationships with things that smell like the bottom of a laundry hamper... an old and wet laundry hamper.

Now road trips are not the most favourite thing for one small slave. Being blessed with a form of motion sickness that guarantees sleep in about 20 minutes they are generally wasted. In fact one can say hand on heart that one has slept through more scenic car, plane, ferry, boat and train rides than most. On the bright side one always arrives at the destination ready to go... apparently it's rather annoying L

This trip was no different; a solid hour of snoozing before we hit the roads that resemble corkscrews... and it was there one discovered yet another nasty legacy of the dental implant one had a while back. See they had to crack the floor of the sinus cavity to make room for the pin and ever since one has become part of that small percentage, that goes on to have no end of sinus issues. Well combined with that travel sickness issue and ears that block the minute one goes up a hill... shall we just say that trip was hell on wheels?

It is a trip that is worth it though because at the end are sweetie shops... where they make that wonderful hard candy with messages through the centre, amongst other kinds. And so we had a wonderful day drifting along, fondling shoes and looking at arts and crafts. The sad thing though was that most of it was now imported from other places... places with much cheaper labour.

The other big change was there was so much land for sale. There was a time that the only way you could buy in these areas was if someone died. And then there was a waiting list. Now it looks like those who sought the tree change and panoramic views are giving up and moving out. Many of them probably victims of the crash of the IT market and that working from home kept running into issues of liability and insurance.

And so leaving the picturesque Montville we tottered off to the outskirts of Maleny; home of the quilting shop and cheese maker, where we had a leisurely lunch before going into the town. A town that provides a home to another cheese shop (one with vile smelling cheeses all laid out in a cold room so you can inhale their pungent, earthy aroma en masse) bad art, very good coffee and a wonderful second hand book store. 
All this before the descent back to home... with the cheeses stashed in the boot of the car triple wrapped to no avail... and painkillers and bed J


Vixen B-Ab said...

beautiful countryside...

academicsub said...

I moved away from there WHY?

Master's piece said...

It is the greenest it has been for a long time... despite the fact that it always rains when we go there... for the last couple of years it has been more brown than green.
@academicsub Umm... it was the pursuit of happiness wasn't it? :)

academicsub said...

Oh right yeah...pursuit of happiness. I thought it was because he said so! But you could blow me over with a feather because I am actually incredibly happy to be living in the back of beyond.