Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pjur: Back door

Every so often people ask what kind of lube to use for the Njoys and anal sex in general. Without hesitation one always says Back Door by Pjur... it is the best thing one has found to date. Now if you are fisting or using enormous toys then something like Man's Grease or even Crisco is the best, but for long term, high friction situations like steel plugs or anal sex, you want something that is going to last and last.

The pros:
  • Long lasting silicone
  • Economical... a little goes a very long way
  • Probably one of the thickest lubes found to date
  • Has added jojoba extracts as an anal relaxant
  • Condom safe

The cons:
  • The pour top nature of the product means that eventually it ends up all over the bottle
  • It makes everything slippery including that aforementioned bottle
  • It is damned hard to get off things... including toys

Those issues are far outweighed by the pros. It even comes in a handy small size, that is perfect for tucking into a bag or pocket and allows you to take it with you everywhere. A small, but vital thing if you are going to take out or reinsert your Njoy for any reason... 


academicsub said...

What is this thing called Lube you speak of? Seriously...Im not sure Im allowed. Master just orders me to use my own juices. That must be abuse right? Do I get red flags or something? Anything?

Master's piece said...

You do remember those pics of kaya with the red flags stuck in her don't you? Are you sure you want those flags???

Unknown said...

Of course she's sure, silly piece.

Does the self preservation go out the door when the nJoy comes in? Cause I'm really really glad we don't have one now.

Master's piece said...

Oh Vixen doth protest too much... we all know you want an Njoy ;)

Unknown said...

No, no I don't actually, but you're love and affection can be felt all the way over here piece lol. How have you been, you haven't been around much lately

dancingbarez said...

I have been reading for a while but never commented before. Just wanted to say thanks for the product review. I was looking for something just like this so this was very helpful.

Master's piece said...

@dancingbearz Nice to meet you and glad something has been useful... other than the odd giggle that is :D