Thursday, February 23, 2012

The return

They say the first day back after a holiday makes you feel like you were never away. Personally one is here to tell you that sensation started way earlier than that... from the minute one woke up... feeling tired and out of sorts on more sleep than the body had averaged all holiday. How does that work? Maybe the sensation of dread has some sort of a drag effect on time... but one digresses.

Now, one could tell you about the morning sex and heights of ecstasy... but one isn't going to do that. No, instead one is going to dwell on the sensation of being stuffed into a collar that is one size too small. What one won't do is try to articulate the pitiful choking sounds that one produced... mainly because there is no way to truly convey them... they were sort of guttural kkkkk sounds that we do not have words for at all in the English language. There is probably some cat out there that can do a perfect imitation, and probably the odd dog too...

And one was also going to gloss over His smirk as one did them. Though one did take a moment to point out that smirking was not the loving, supportive care that Fet was leading one to believe were not only mandatory, but utterly essential in a non abusive relationship.
He just smirked harder and then turned around and said it's all your own doing. Stop complaining.
Well! Hardly the caring attitude one was hoping for L

Seriously, it's bad enough He won't read books written by experts on this stuff, but his refusal to take time off work to attend the vital meeting and workshops that will stop him being regarded as some sort of a dangerous psycho... that is just a red flag to others. You know one does try and stop Him stepping into these obvious pitfalls that make him such a failure as a twoo master...
Ungrateful, uncaring bastard!


Vixen B-Ab said...

and yet you married him.

Masochistically delicious

Master's piece said...

Well in fairness the state sort of did that with its common law stuff... it's not like we fronted up somewhere flowers in hand or anything :)