Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ice-cream, you scream, we all...

Tonight is the first night of our holidays together. We have plans... let's watch them go down in flames together shall we? Already the first opening salvo has been sounded as one is getting dragged into work for four hours on Wednesday... but let's not go there just yet. No, let us instead revel in that feeling of freedom that the last shift for a fortnight can bring.

It's the kind of feeling that makes you want to celebrate with something naughty... and finding nothing quite fitting one settled for some of the fabulous Maggie Beer Dark Chocolate and Orange ice-cream one is currently enamoured with. So clutching the remains of a small tub one scampered over to join Him on the couch... politely asking in an approved manner to sit down... by which one means stark naked. Looking not at one's naked form but at the tub He asked where's mine?
You don't have any... and there isn't enough to share. Besides if one does then all it will do is give you a taste for it. That's not a kindness one said in a smug and slightly sanctimonious tone.
As one nibbled through the dark chocolaty richness He cuddled close... an arm reaching round ones shoulder.
Don't you go threatening the ice-cream like that... one knows what you are up to.
He smiled innocently... crinkling the edges of those bright blue eyes.

As one reluctantly finished the last morsel and popped the empty tub on the bench behind the couch He hauled one over his knee. Where He proceeded to wallop one's arse with a great deal of enthusiasm as one tried to wriggle away.
Finally let upright one shot that was for eating the ice-cream in front of you wasn't it?
No, that was because I could and it gave me pleasure.

You know He is pettier than he lets on... Scorpio


Sugar said...

oh no.. my long distance Sir is also scorpio .. we will be 24/7 soon .. now i am very afraid :)


Master's piece said...

~Snickers~ This too will be your life :D

Vixen B-Ab said...

yup... glad mine is an aries

MsSparkles said...

This is one of those front to backwards things - I see that as far less petty than the alternative.

Master's piece said...

Well He could have spanked one and then eaten the ice-cream...
~Must not put these ideas into the universe~