Monday, February 20, 2012

Klystra's Improved Dilators

One of the many things that toddled in with the Christmas orders was a set of rectal dilators from JTs Stockroom.

The implement:
Based on a set from the turn of the century this set has an added large (read enormous) one to help take things one step further. It comes in a lovely box that pays homage to an older style of packaging with its red insert and gold writing.

The pros:
  • Made from heavy plastic.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good shaped head for easy insertion.
  • Smooth exterior.
  • Has a lip to prevent it sliding in too far.
  • Has a hole in the tip to vent gas and stop cramping 

The cons:
  • As these are quite cheaply made the finish in the interior is quite rough.
  • That lovely smooth shape means that you can't move when they are in, as they will just pop straight out... faster than they went in might one add.
  • Made of ridged material these are not comfortable to move around or sit on.
  • They could be worn with a harness, but that air hole means you vent gas... and the shape of it means the sound is amplified.
  • Couldn't be worn in public... see above J 

The idea of these was to loosen things up for the MEO plugs... we are still stuck on trying to get the medium one in. Bloody marvellous the body will happily do a bat, but goes mmmffff mmmmffff at a perfectly nice MEO L Anyway back to these... As a toy they are quite adequate for the job of opening up the sphincter, but they do take longer than you would think.

We started way too late in the day, and it made for a very strange day too. It meant large periods of lying around making some very odd noises indeed. This was then bisected with dinner prep and cooking... which was almost a relief. It took about four hours all up to get to the enormous large one in. By that stage the arse was over it... in fact by the time He pulled out the medium MEO the arse just refused to cooperate altogether L

All in all they are a good idea... though they do take longer than you think you are going to need and there is little that you can do while you wait. No doubt one small slave is going to be spending another day with them in the future... maybe a movie marathon... with snacks J


Unknown said...

well he could just shove the medium one in :D

No cooperation needed then.

Master's piece said...

~kicks Vixen viciously~

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

You could probably put cotton wool inside to deaden the sound of gas being vented, then combined with a harness, you should have no problems wearing these while out and about in public. Glad I could help :)

Master's piece said...

@nzrubber Thank you seems strangely inadequate...

mia-slave said...

My Master bought some dildos that fitted the hole diameter in the MEO plugs, then He held the dildo inside the MEO plug while inserting it. This made it much easier to insert the MEO's. i hope this helps. :-)

Buttpluglover said...

I rather like these, myself. Actually, I threw out all of them except the largest one, which I wear quite a bit and for extended periods of time. The rigidity is nice and I like that the neck is large, keeping my hole dilated. I wear it with a harness to keep it in and often sleep with it in. I have even worn it to work and to the movies and once even when jogging.