Monday, February 13, 2012

Drought breaker

Well our lovely friend flew through for a quickie visit... well you can do a lot in a day. So picking them up from the train station we stopped off for a few essentials and then went home. We had champagne, conversations, redacted, redacted, more champagne, redacted, and a shower. That was followed by a very late lunch, redacted, redacted, redacted, and another shower.
Then we had dinner and a movie followed by desert and then drove them home. You know when your guest has to use GPS to find their way home you just know they live in Woop Woop.

It was a lovely visit... but between the two of them... one suspects they broke something
Oh and real friends wouldn't help the abuser hold one small slave down... just saying. Mutters seriously need some nice friends J


Ms D said...

I suspect you like being broken...

And speaking of real friends... If/when I finally visit, and L&L tells you to hold me down, you are going to say??? o.0

Master's piece said...

Hmm... that probably depends on who has the biggest paddle at the time :D