Friday, February 17, 2012

A Reflection on Colonisation

This was written at a time when one didn't have the blog, but one thought it might be good to pop a revised version here as it answers some of the things that come up in the group and it is much easier to have it here as a reference point... until such a time as Fet actually has some way to search a group for threads.

An interesting thread by MT started one thinking about the idea of no longer owning your body. Oddly enough there have been very few issues stemming from who owns the body. The mind on the other hand has caused more interesting issues. In some ways He has colonised one’s mind with an efficiency that would have made an empire proud.  Unfortunately, and this is probably where most of the empires went wrong, He has also managed to remove all of the means of revolt.

Most of this started harmlessly enough. There was a bit of behaviour modification here and there. Then there were adjustments to the physical that seemed reasonable enough at the time. You know harmless stuff like; I like the hair longer, and those high heels are great... with the added kicker of- you might as well enjoy these because when you get older and have to wear flats, you will regret not having fun now (you have to admire that perfectly reasonable logic).  Little things like skirts are more fun and accessible than trousers, and pantyhose are just not sexy... let’s see if we can find something better.  The list is endless, but you get the idea. Before you know it you have a wardrobe full of things that are girly; your hair (against all reason) is longer, you no longer have the trouser option as part of your clothing and all shoes are going to do permanent hip and foot injury down the track.

The trouble with all of this physical stuff is that it becomes internalised and before you know it the process infects your very thoughts. You find yourself thinking things and going whoa where the hell did that come from? This shining example the other day sitting on the bus; short hair, while it looks great on some faces, just doesn’t do some women any favours. WTF! Firstly why would one even care how someone cuts their hair and secondly where did this thing about short hair (something one has had since chopping off the waist length hair at 13 (it was handed it to Auntie upon arriving home; well she was so damn fond of the stuff)) come from?  No wonder the sisterhood excommunicated one. They could see where this relationship was heading- uncomfortable shoes and long hair. Well that and the whole sleeping with a bloke thing J

Anyway as one was saying, when the physical becomes internalised the mind seems to incorporate the new belief system without you noticing it... which is several kinds of creepy by the way. At this stage one is starting to wonder where He ends and one begins. We are starting to merge into the male and female halves of the same whole and all one can hear is the tic, tic, tic of the bloody watch. 
Peers at His ears suspiciously... well there is the odd white hair... the ears might be next. 


serviceslavery said...

i find myself doing the same thing at times. i have to remind myself that my reality isn't likely the same for everyone else.

little monkey said...

I am laughing at the whole hair thing...not at you just at the whole issue in general, since my last F.U. toward my husband was to cut my hair.

of course there are no consequences for me when I flip the man the bird. Might not go over well for you, my dear.